Weekly Cuts 02: Praise Saint Heron

Lately I’ve been all over the place with my music. I’ve delved into all kinds of stuff & haven’t even listened to most of it. I will show you my favorite music since the last post & a ton of free shit too. Let me know in the comments what you have been listening too.


Various Artists – Saint Heron

By far the best album release recently by Beyance’s indie little sis. Alt-R&B, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it, got a huge breath of fresh air with Solange’s compilation album of a dozen deep R&B cuts by some of the best out. This album sparkles from front to back with R&B gems that shine brighter with repeat listens. Solange’s “Cash In” ends the album as a simple & catchy love song with enough cow bell to please Will Farrell. Kelela is the only artist featured twice for a good reason & she kills it on “Go All Night” with what can only be perceived as effortlessness. Her mixtape CUT 4 ME is free here in exchange for your email address. BC Kingdom opens the album with “Lock Up” as an unapologetic homicidal maniac wielding a Golden Gun wearing Versace Versace out to kill his past lover. Or it’s a metaphor, either way, it paints a picture in my mind I like to look at.

Mapei – Don’t Wait

This is my jam. I could put this on toast all day. Mapei calls this “21st-century gospel or doo-wop.” I call it taking everything I like from every genre I like & adding a robot. She is signed with Downtown Records & has an album coming out next year. It is my most anticipated album of 2014.

Blood Orange – Chamakay & You’re Not Good Enough

I heard these two songs from Blood Orange & thought I found the album of the year, but the balance of the album isn’t that great after these two tracks. These two songs have pretty much been on repeat with my mind having to keep my body in check before it automatically bursts out into dance. “Chamakay” is a sad, hypnotic track of trying to love someone too much & “You’re Not Good Enough” is a funky dance party anthem of another not being good enough to love. The dichotomy alone is enough to keep me thinking.

Tinashe – Vulnerable ft. Travi$ Scott

Post Yeezus R&B. Post FKA Twigs. Postapocalyptic R&B. This would sound at home on the new Mad Max movie’s soundtrack, enough said. Free download.

Evian Christ – Salt Carousel

If you don’t know Evian Christ, you should. He is a producer from the UK whom usually heavily samples rap and loops it over & over. This track goes against that formula by only sampling a chipmunk getting its brains scrambled backwards & a guy yelling “GO!,” but still knocks. I have to confess, outside of a few artists, I usually can’t listen to albums by producers. This dude gets it though. Recently he produced my favorite Yeezus track “I’m in It” & if you don’t have his Kings & Them mixtape(free), click the link. Also track “Payo Rent” here for free.

Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2 Mixtape

I haven’t even listened to this whole mixtape, but it is an instant classic. Chef turned MC Action Bronson is a short, white, fat Ghostface Killa. The production is fun, which is a breath of fresh air in hip-hop. Action’s cadence, flow & punchlines flow perfectly with Party Supplies’ production. Action is the blue-collar rapper, the only rapper I’ve heard bragging about his Saabs & Jeeps. This free mixtape can be downloaded here.