Weekly Cuts 01: Komodo Dragon Skin on a Letterman Jacket

Stevie Crooks – Cloud Captain (The Arrival) ft. Liym Courteous & Snazz Gordy

In rap you have to keep it real. But sometimes keeping it real is boring. Sometimes you need something fictitious and inventive. Fly away with the Cloud Captain on his pterodactyl with his komodo dragon skin letterman jacket, Siberian werewolf hoodie and boots made of penguins. Influences include Mortal Kombat, Dragonball Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc. These three MCs obviously earned their letterman jackets for killing the rap game even though no one knows who they are. Stevie Crooks murders it on the 1st verse and the chorus, Liym Courteous is aight for the 2nd verse & then Snazz Gordy comes in for the 3rd verse with a flawless victory.

Sage The Gemini – Gas Pedal ft. Iamsu! (Salva Remix)

It’s a new Bay. Sorry Andre Nickatina, RIP Mac Dre. Sage The Gemini is tearing the Bay up with his catchy dance cuts for the youth. Salva’s remix gives it real substance for you to abuse substances to. If these horns, drums, snaps and claps don’t hit you at your core, nothing will. If your head isn’t bobbing your neck must be atrophied. Play at any party and grab the wall… Gas Pedal. Free Download.

DJ Class – Tear Da Club Up (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix)

If you aren’t familiar with Bodymore, Murdaland club music aka Bmore Club or just B-more, then the original song may have never crossed your path. But if you knew Diplo in his Florida days, before producing for Usher or 2 Chainz then you probably know why Scotty B runs Baltimore clubs. Scotty B’s label T&A paved the way for most of the mainstream club bangerz today, and is probably father to now-popular electronic trap music. This track is again an example of what the future should (read: wont) sound like. Lots of textures and vibes to enjoy on this track. Free download.

LIZ – Stop Me Cold

Speaking of Diplo, new off of his Mad Decent label is a single from LIZ. This track will throw you back into the 90’s and make you go dig up all your TLC and Aaliyah tapes. Free download if you like LIZ on FB.

Autre Ne Veut – On & On

This is an older one I accidentally left out of the last post. Autre Ne Veut is the new Prince/Artist Formerly Known As Prince/Prince. Not only that, but the dude has an insane sense of beats. Something is always happening in his music, if he’s not crooning the beat is going ape. ANV subscribes to the idea that the sounds/emotions of the singing are more important than the words you sing, the thoughts/feelings behind it are more important in the sound wave than the words themselves bouncing into your ear, and he forces me to agree wholeheartedly. Free download here, just find Autre Ne Veut on the left-hand side.