Welcome to Bridge City Style. This is an affordable fashion blog for the men of Portland, Oregon. My mission is to get the men of Portland to dress better. In my experience many men do not try or do not know how to dress well. There are many benefits to being well dressed, whether single or attached, work or pleasure, in any endeavor a man comes across. Such benefits include a projection of success, high self-esteem, great first impressions, torrents of compliments, etc.

I started in the professional world in 2004 at 18 years old. Back then none of the clothes fit me as I have a slim build, everything looked like a hand-me-down from my dad or brother, even though I bought it specifically for myself in my size. In ’04 boys had to buy girls’ pants to get a slim fit. I weighed 140 lbs. but my shirt would fit someone of the same neck and arm size as someone who weighed 280 lbs.! I could have fit two of me in everything I wore, that was how it worked back then. I remember in ’06 a co-worker from England and I were doing clothes inspections on each other and he told me my pants were too baggy, I thought he was crazy, they were 32X32, they didn’t make pants smaller than this!

Later down the line, I had role models to inspire me to dress better. But at the same time, they were buying expensive name brand suits from Nordstrom and I couldn’t (and can’t) afford that with out having to pay it off with interest hoping I still have it, like it and it is still in style by the time I paid for it. So I got crafty, and let me tell you, there are plenty of stores in Portland with great prices, great fits and great styles. I started liking my new look at work so much, that I stopped changing before going out socially after work. I forged my way through the Portland scene without going into any debt and now I am proud of my wardrobe and happy to go out on any occasion. My personal style is GQ meets the laid back attitude of the NW.

While style is most certainly a personal thing, another certainty to have is that the best way to fuck it up is to not try at all. I walk around Portland and am truely stunned from all the men I see who, by all appearances(literally) don’t care what they look like. Maybe they just don’t know how to change? I hope to get this answered for myself with this blog. No one looks amazing on accident, these things are caused by people who care enough about themselves to do it. So I am here to help my fellow men of Portland to know how to do it.

I do offer personal services to men who want a Personal Stylist. This is perfect for bachelors in a rut(women love a well dressed man), midlife crisis(cheaper than a Porsche), divorce/break-up (because you know you want to win it), and anyone who wants to step their game up for any reason. Email me for details: bridgecitystyle@gmail.com

Last but not least, I want this blog to be about Portland, not me. That means I want a ton of feedback and ideas. I am not pretending to have it all worked out, especially since I know no one can. I want a lot of women to follow too, as their opinion counts most to the men who are hopefully paying attention. Maybe they can convince their men to dress better or just give them some good ideas.


Bridge City Style


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