The White-Under-Tee

I saw a friend of mine wear a white under tee, now normally I violently oppose this look & think all tees are overrated. But he pulled it off well.

I wondered why I liked it when he did it, but hated it all the many times I observed it before.

This look is pure laziness in its genus. But to remix the inherent laziness with a great look creates the effect of a godly, effortless style. And trust me, you want that.

Here’s what he did that you should do if you decide to pull off the white under tee:

1. Wear nice, dressy shoes. No sneakers/slippers/flip-flops or you will honestly look like a lazy bitch. No one likes a lazy bitch. Grow up.

2. Don’t actually wear your yellow pitted, crew-neck, 2-year-old undershirt that is in your drawer now. Go buy a nice fitting v-neck white shirt that people think is an undershirt with short-short sleeves. This way, everyone thinks you look that good getting dressed everyday.

Protip: The yellow pit stains in your shirts & undershirts are not yellow toxic bile constantly leaking out of your smelly pits. It is the metal in your deodorant. The aluminum is the antiperspirants that stops you from sweating & is in 99% of deodorants. It is bad for you and ruins your clothes. I recommend Tom’s of Maine, un-scented deodorant & while you will not smell like BO, you will sweat as much as you would without antiperspirants.  Also, aluminum in the body has been traced to alzheimers & cancer, so I don’t fux with antiperspirants.

Those are the only two real rules. Fun socks upgrade this look. Slacks and jeans both work with this.

Good luck looking lazy. I know it’s hard work.



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